Bryce Harper’s Broken Ball Isn’t That Impressive

A lot of noise is being made about Bryce Harper “breaking a baseball” on Thursday.

Talk about how “he’s just that strong” and how it “shows off his greatness” are filling the sports columns.

However, it isn’t really that impressive, he did not break the ball, he cut it.

Harper uses a bat with an indent on the top, which gives it edges.

When a ball is hit on that edge, it cuts the baseball.

This happens a few times a season, and most of the time results in a foul ball, as it did for Harper yesterday, or for Wil Myers, last year.

If it doesn’t result in a foul ball, it normally causes the hitter to reach first on an error, as it did for Tony Wolters, earlier this season.

Now, if you want to see someone actually break a baseball, Martin Maldonado really did break the seams on a ball, three years ago.

That takes either a bit more effort or maybe just getting a ball that wasn’t made perfectly.

Either way, it is an actual rare occurrence that looks a lot cooler.