He Is Risen

He is risen. Words that should echo through our lives daily. Today, the day we remember His resurrection, we repeat them. For a day, or maybe the weekend, we focus on the story of what He gave for us. But it is so much more than simply a man dying on a cross so that all could live their lives better and be nicer to others.

Jesus was the fulfillment of every promise that God gave to the Jews throughout the Old Testament. Prophecy after prophecy was answered by Him. But when His time came, most would not recognize Him, because they looked not for a spiritual Savior, but an earthly warrior. As the fulfillment He was everything they’d taught themselves to look for, but not the packaging they expected.

Even in His death He continued to fulfill prophecies from the prophets of the Bible. Long before crucifixion was even invented prophets of Israel described His death in that way. They also foretold that not a bone would be broken, which breaking knees was common practice for the crucified. Yet Jesus was pierced instead.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever should believe in Him may have everlasting life.” Simple words, that even unbelievers know. Jesus willingly shed His life so that we might actually know the Father. Our impure, sinful selves could not survive contact with God and His pure perfection. So Jesus while perfect Himself, allowed the evils of the world to touch Him, so that after His sacrifice we could have direct contact with perfection. He is the conduit that allows such a place as Heaven to exist.

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we no longer need to sacrifice animals or have a priest work as an intermediary on our behalf. We can directly communicate to God, because Jesus took the place of any earthly thing needing to be in our way.

Today is really our spiritual independence day. It marks the day where religion no longer was the focus. O it can be important, and help build your walk with your Creator and your Savior, but it is no longer where you must start. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we became able to have a truly personal relationship with the Father. And that is what is the most important. Spiritual walks are not something you can cookie cut. Everyone is in a different place on their walk. And He wishes for us to follow Him on our walks, all the way to the Father.

What truly is more free than being able to know you walk with God, at the specific pace meant for you? That no matter what is going on in your earthly life, you are able to choose eternal freedom. And all that is possible because, He is risen.


Author: Jonathan D. Sangster

Christian, father, writer, editor, political, Grey Jedi, Browncoat, Whovian, gamer, hiker, foodie, sports fan.

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